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Google Reqiurements & Recommendations

CITY360 are part of Google Street View | Trusted program.

Which means we have to keep to Google requirements and recommendations, listed below.

Spacing requirements for photo spheres

When taking multiple photo spheres, it’s important to make sure your photo spheres are not too far apart. This gives your photo spheres the best chance of being connected together with realistic transitions. At present, connectivity is only supported through the Street View editor.

Here are some things to improve your spacing:

  1. Avoid obstacles like walls or closed doors.
  2. Follow natural paths and walkways so that there is a clear line of sight between photo spheres.
  3. For best results, especially when using a spherical camera, space photo spheres 3 feet / 1 meter apart. Don’t space them further apart than 10 feet / 3 meters.
  4. When connecting through doorways, limit the spacing on both sides of the doorway to 3 feet / 1 meter.
  5. When shooting the front of a building, take a photo sphere 10 feet / 3 meters from the entrance.
  6. When shooting a multi–level place, take photo spheres at the bottom and top of the stairs. Also make sure to shoot a photo sphere at the landing for L-shaped stairs and the corners of the landing for U-shaped stairs, like a switchback.
  7. A broad amount of area coverage is key to a sense of immersion. Consider maximizing the space that you capture

Recommendations for shooting hotels

  1. Avoid busy hours in common areas.
  2. When shooting a room with a balcony, keep the door to the balcony open and take a photo sphere on the balcony.
  3. When shooting a suite with a separate living room, keep connecting doors open. Only the main entrance door should be closed.
  4. Each hotel area is considered a separate constellation, or an “island”, so you don’t have to create a path between areas.

When shooting a hotel, create photo spheres of these distinct areas:

  1. A minimum of 2 guest room types. Aim to capture the entire room including bathrooms and balconies
    Tip: Make notes of the room type, maximum occupancy, and bed types as this information is needed when publishing the imagery.
  2. Lobby/reception areaAim to capture the entire area
  3. Restaurants owned by the hotelAim to capture the entire restaurant

Take at least 1 photo sphere of the following areas:

  1. Fitness center
  2. Pool
  3. Bar or lounge
  4. Spa
  5. Any areas unique to the hotel
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